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For creation of this documentation the static site generator mkdocs in combination with the mkdocs material theme and the mermaid2 extension is used. The documentation source are markdown files. To respect your privacy and being compliant with the GDPR, the generated documentation does not contain external dependencies like fonts and other CDN resources. Instead of external dependencies all necessary resources are be shipped locally for example mermaid.js.


  • poetry (a python dependency manager)

Install Environment

  1. Python environment with all dependencies must be created/updated by running the command:
    poetry install 

Live Watching Rendered Docs

Documentation can then be viewed at localhost:8000.

poetry run mkdocs serve

Build Docs

The static documentation will be generated in the folder site/. The content of this folder should be copied to the documentroot of the documentation webserver.

poetry run mkdocs build --clean

Update Poetry Environment Dependencies

Updates all dependencies in pyroject.toml and poetry.lock automatically. If the files were updated, a rerun of poetry install is necessary.

poetry update